• UDICI[...]

    Mon 03-06-2013


      TABLE TOP HEATING MACHINE  tp.UDC Heating machine for  4 adjustable sides     Technical particulars:  Max heating lenght 450 mm. Min heating l [...]

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  • JAWS for ROUNDS pieces[...]

    Thu 22-03-2012

    JAWS for ROUNDS pieces

    ACCESORY for polishing machines   Easy to use and uselful jaws made in anodized alluminium, to polish rounds and tubes, with diameter 16mm min. - 32mm max. [...]

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  • International Kit[...]

    Thu 14-04-2011

    International Kit

    New test and studies permit to enlarge our range of inserts for our polishing  machines: more attention on different materials and lower prices.    Basic Set  [...]

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  • DELTA[...]

    Thu 10-03-2011


    Completely rebuilt is now available the new serie of the vertical polishing machine DELTA: Same technical features but stronger and more reliable! Control panel easier. Feeding adj [...]

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  • ICE New Liquids[...]

    Tue 08-02-2011

    ICE New Liquids

    We would like to refer about a problem encountered, unfortunately increasingly on our heaters with closed cooling circuit, equipped with ICE. The problem occurs with very differen [...]

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  • EXPO - Automatic Bending machine[...]

    Fri 03-12-2010

    EXPO - Automatic Bending machine

    EXPO heats and bends automatically length of  1500-2000 mm - 10 mm thickness. This automatic machine can make one bends on different pieces, or more bends on one piece. Bends [...]

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